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    Jiangsu Leadmicro Nano-Equipment Technology Ltd


    Leadmicro’s innovative solutions for high efficiency c-Si solar cell productions

    Driven by increasing market demand for high efficiency, low-cost c-Si solar cells, Leadmicro delivers high-performance production solutions for passivation and texturing of advanced solar cell structures for both multi- and mono-crystalline silicon wafers. Compared to traditional BSF cell structure, Leadmicro photovoltaic technology can improve the solar cell efficiency of more than 1 % when a c-Si based high efficiency solar cell production line is new built, converted or upgraded into a PERC line. Combined with proprietary, production proven, and fully automated advanced load/unload wafer handling systems, Leadmicro provides a complete solution for high efficiency solar cell manufacturing. Leadmicro’s photovoltaic products are the most advanced systems for PERC/PERL/PERT cell production with the lowest Cost-of-Ownership available in the market.

    Kuafu Series ALD Al2O3 Passivation System

    Modular process system with dedicated load/unload wafer handling automation, KF4000 features high loading volume with throughput of 3600 w/h and a long maintenance time of >14 days. The unique chemical delivery and distribution system significantly reduces the TMA usage while maintain high deposition performances for production thus makes it the market lowest Cost-of-Ownership system for high volume production. Available for both single and double side coating, the KF series is the best choice for PERC/PERL/PERT solar cell production.

    Process Materials
    Process Temperature
    Thin Film Thickness Non-uniformity
    Maintenance Period
    (O3 Optional)
    In Cells:≤2%
    Between Cells:≤3%
    Between Batches:≤3%
    (pcs/h,1?0 nm)

    WR Series RIE “Black Silicon” System

    Fully automated in-line RIE processing system with dedicated load/unload stations, WR4000 features highest throughput (up to 4000 w/h) available in the market and the longest maintenance time of >30 days. The innovative design combined with high performance microwave plasma systems make it the market lowest Cost-of-Ownership system for high volume production for PERC production lines thanks to the introduction of diamond wire cutting for multi-crystalline Si solar cell production.

    Process Gases
    Process Temperature
    Throughput Up-Time Breakage Maintenance Period
    Sf6 , Cl2 , O2

    Customized solutions

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