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    Jiangsu Leadmicro Nano-Equipment Technology Ltd

    Leadmicro to Deliver ALD Production Systems for Industry Leading PV Manufacturer
    Column,News Release   Date,2018-02-11 08:45:00 Click times,

    Right from the start of new year 2018, Leadmicro has received order of multiple systems from a leading PV industry benchmark manufacturer, to provide key process technology – Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) passivation systems for its high-efficiency PERC cell production. The installed unit will full fill the designed production capacity while capable of smart manufacturing. Leadmicro’s state-of-art ALD passivation system not only greatly improves energy conversion efficiency of solar cells, but also significantly reduces the production cost, opening a new chapter for global high-efficiency PERC solar cell manufacturing.  

    With the shortest time-to-market, Leadmicro’s Kuafu? series ALD passivation systems have successfully completed its acceptance for the first batch of delivered units for n-PERT bifacial solar cell production. Running at customer sites for nearly one year,all systems have fulfilled technical specifications required, highlighting the technology maturity of the first generation ALD passivation system. At the meantime, Leadmicro’s technology team has push forward applications for p-type mono- and multi- silicon PERC technology. In collaboration with multiple leading industrial customers, Leadmicro has achieved breakthrough to deliver multiple production systems to industry benchmark solar cell manufacturer.

    Leadmicro is committed to provide customers with the best solution for mass production. In a very short time, Leadmicro’s technology team has developed a series of ALD products that satisfy various customer needs for production. The products include KF4500 ALD system that features smallest footprint for the global pv market; the best cost performance KF5500D ALD system that compatible with single/double side passivation, RIE “black Silicon” system, and in-line ALD system etc. To realize ALD technology for high-efficiency PERC cell high-volume-manufacturing. Leadmicro has been working closely with several tier one industry partners utilizing proprietary technology and achieved breakthrough to deliver multiple production systems to industry benchmark solar cell manufacturer. Pilot production have shown that all key specifications such as conversion efficiency, EL cell yield, uptime, safety, throughput and cost-of-ownership etc. all surpassed current main stream technology dominated by overseas, establishing a novel PERC cell production process that is different to conventional approach. The unique reactor and automation design,especially the ultra-large batch volume and ultra-high throughput, enables the extraordinary productivity and greatly reduces the PERC cell manufacturing cost, Leadmicro’s state-of-art batch ALD production system is currently the most advanced batch type ALD production system in global market.

    As point out by Mr. Yanqing Wang, chairman of board at Leadmicro that "Leadmicro will provide our customer the state-of-art ultra-high throughput ALD passivation system, with the world leading innovative solutions that capable of integration with AGV carrier and MES system, fully compatible for future smart plant production needs. The task given by our customers for high-efficiency solar cell production is a testimonial of Leadmicro’s advanced technology and innovation. Our world most advanced products is a breakthrough of achieving localization through a fare technology competition with three international equipment suppliers. I thank also our customer’s entrust and recognition of our technology. Leadmicro’s technology opens up a new chapter for global high-efficiency PERC solar cell manufacturing. I’m proud of Leadmicro in making it’s humble contribution for accelerating the noble quest of solar energy grid parity.” 

    Jiangsu Leadmicro Nano-Equipment Technology Ltd is a global equipment manufacturer specialized in development, design, manufacturing, and services of the advanced thin film deposition and etch equipments for industrial production applications. Leadmicro’s business areas cover a wide range of industries including new energy, flexible electronics, semiconductor, and nano-technology.

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