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    Jiangsu Leadmicro Nano-Equipment Technology Ltd

    21.7% ! Leadmicro equipment improves PV cells conversion efficiency again
    Column,News Release   Date,2017-02-18 14:35:00 Click times,

    At the beginning of2017, Jiangsu Leadmicro Nano-Equipment Technology Ltd. brings good news on ALDatomic layer deposition film passivation technology which is specificallydeveloped for the new efficient solar cells and it is completely independentintellectual property right. After four-month-day and nigh fighting ,  the customer of this passivation technologyhas received nearly 22% of the maximum conversion efficiency and 21.7% of theaverage conversion efficiency, and other indicators of this type of cells alsocreated new records !

    Affiliated to Wuxi LeadGroup, Jiangsu Leadmicro Nano-Equipment Technology Ltd is a young technologycompany, which is committed to domestic and foreign high-tech industry toprovide the latest and most reliable production equipment and solutions. Theatomic layer deposition technology developed specifically for surfacepassivation of new and efficient solar cells, and it has been completed in lessthan a year from technical assessment, design validation, mechanical andprocess validation to the final customer application assessment. The core whichsupport it from scratch is a strong technical team. We have invited doctor teamfrom Finland, Singapore,  together withother domestic graduates of the doctorate or master's degree, among themseveral people were technical experts for the Jiangsu Province double-talentproject. It is really a team with high-tech industry experience.

    The development of the solarcell surface passivation equipment has gone through several rounds of technicalresearches, and finally the single batch of silicon loading has reached astaggering record of 1600 pcs while maintaining film uniformity within 2%between cells and inside the cells. And batteries performances are almost keptthe same excelency. With whole production capacity of more than 4000 pcs perhour, it can effectively reduce the cost of expensive chemical sources, deeplyintegrated automated loading and unloading to ensure that the breakage ratewithin 0.05%, greatly reducing the actual use cost. The core of the ALD atomiclayer deposition process can keep the film thickness as low as 2 nanometerswhen providing battery surface a good passivation, which is never achievablefor other technology from the principle and the core technology has achievedthe international leading level.

    AtomicLayer Deposition(ALD) technology is a promising and emerging technology of foresight andgenerality in the field of nanotechnology and many other important industries.The existing ALD production technology has been monopolized by foreignequipment manufacturers such as ASM, AMAT, TEL, etc. ALD equipment technicalperformance Leadmicro is carried out has reached the international leadinglevel, breaking the foreign monopoly, and filling the domestic blank. At thesame time, ALD key technology success will promote the industrial developmentof multiple industrial fields including semiconductor, CMOS image sensor, LED,MEMS, display, photovoltaic and lithium ion battery. It is reported that theLeadmicro project "micro-nano equipment manufacturing key technologyresearch and development based on atomic layer deposition (ALD) technology of" was also selected the "2016 Jiangsu Province key research anddevelopment program (industry Foresight and generality key technology)."

    Driven by theever-increasing demand for high-efficiency and low-cost crystalline siliconsolar cells, Leadmicro provides monocrystalline and polycrystalline high efficiencysolar cell technology with high performance of ALD passivation and RIE dryvelvet production solutions. Compared with the traditional aluminum rearpassivation batteries, and Leadmirco’s photovoltaic technology can be used fornewly building, modifying and upgrading a variety of high-performancecrystalline silicon solar cell production lines, and solar cell conversionefficiency is further improved more than 1%.

    Leadmicro RIE blacksilicon and ALD back passivation technology has provided the best massproduction program for the crystal silicon solar cell efficiency breakthroughsand cost reduction.

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