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    Jiangsu Leadmicro Nano-Equipment Technology Ltd

    Efficiency 19.41%! LEADMIRCO RIE Equipment Successfully Made DW Cut Poly Black Silicon Cells with Fi
    Column,News Release   Date,2017-03-20 16:46:00 Click times,

    In the field of photovoltaic, the application of a new technology focuses nothing more than two points: efficiency and cost reduction. From the cost point of view, large-scale application of diamond wire cutting is the trend of crystalline silicon photovoltaic because the cutting efficiency of diamond cutting polysillicon can be increased by 20% -40%, and cutting costs can be reduced by 20%. In addition, it also has the characteristics of less surface damage, high cleanliness, excellent geometric parameters and low mechanical defect rate. The cutting process is also more environmentally friendly and the quality control is more excellent.

    However, compared to monocrystalline silicon, there is difficulty in texturing section in cell line of polysilicon wafer for diamond wire cutting. In this context, black silicon technology has emerged. In view of the problem of surface damage layer and high reflectivity of the polycrystalline silicon wafer, the black silicon technology can solve the problem of the silicon wafer and greatly improve the efficiency of the cell conversion. Experts from the industry forecasts that the domestic mainstream PV cell manufacturers have matured black silicon technology research and development and will begin mass production in 2017. With the technology promotion of diamond wire cutting + black silicon technology in the field of polycrystalline, the module price will be significantly reduced.

    Affiliated to Wuxi Lead Group, Jiangsu Leadmicro Nano-Equipment Technology Ltd  is a young technology company, which is committed to provide the latest and most reliable, the lowest cost of production equipment and solutions for domestic and foreign high-tech industry . After more than a year of development and optimization, the RIE technology, specialized in solving diamond wire cut poly wafers texturing, successfully conducted the first trial production in March this year in a customer site, achieving the first piece of experimental with reflectivity rate less than 10%. And the first diamond wire cut polysilicon wafers of 2800 experimental pcs with average efficiency of more than 19%, and the highest reached 19.41%. It is believed that in the follow-up in-depth optimization, there will be further enhance.


    The reason why Leadmirco could achieve high speed black silicon wafer making and first time efficiency improved more than 0.7% compared to diamond wire acid texturing (0.5% compared to ordinary mortar wafer) is dependent not only on great support from customers, but also the strong technical team from leadmirco. We have graduated from Finland and Singapore to the PhD team, plus Zhejiang University, China University of Science and Technology and other domestic famous graduate, doctoral, many of them is the Jiangsu Province, won the talent project of technical experts, is really a high-tech industry experience team. We have invited a doctor team from Finland, Singapore, together with other domestic graduates of the doctorate or master's degree, among them several people were technical experts for the Jiangsu Province double-talent project. It is really a team with high-tech industry experience.

    After several rounds of technical research, the solar cell surface dry texturing equipment has successfully broke the production capacity limit, increasing capacity  by 25% or more compared to traditional RIE equipment. In addition, our aluminum alloy cavity ensures long-term use without rust, and more reasonable internal design has greatly reduces maintenance costs. Our deep integration of the automated loading and unloading system ensures that the overall equipment has a higher stability, lower fragmentation rate and lower production costs. With advantages of COO and efficiency, we believe the diamond wire cutting polysilicon technology will bring greater value to customers.


    Driven by the ever-increasing demand for high-efficiency, low-cost crystalline silicon solar cells, Leadmirco provides high performance ALD passivation and RIE dry texturing production solutions for mono and polycrystalline solar cells technology. The combination of RIE black silicon and ALD back passivation technology of Leadmicro provides the best mass production solution for crystalline solar cells efficiency breakthroughs and cost-reduction.


    On April 19-21, Jiangsu Leadmicro Nano-Equipment Technology Ltd. will debut SNEC Shanghai International Photovoltaic Exhibition, and ALD and RIE equipments will be release. Customers are welcome to negotiate.

    Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center

    Booth number: E4-390

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